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Basement Flooding

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

If your basement has ever flooded, or experienced any type of water damage, you know just how stressful it can be. With a few simple maintenance tips, you can greatly reduce your risk of flooding. To keep you and your basement dry, here are several ways you can prevent basement flooding.

Inspect and repair foundation cracks- Cracks in your home’s foundation can act as an open invitation to water invasion. To prevent basement flooding or water damage, visually inspect the exterior of your foundation, basement walls and floors on a regular basis. If leaking still occurs, or you encounter a more serious foundation problem, call a professional.

Clean and maintain gutters- Cleaning your gutters and maintaining your downspouts is an essential part of maintaining your home. By keeping your gutters free of debris and ensuring downspouts are properly positioned away from the foundation, water from rain and storms will flow freely, rather than pooling up against your home.

Install window well covers- Homes with below-grade basement windows should always be protected with window well covers. When fastened securely over your basement windows and latched on to your home’s foundation, window well covers work wonders in waterproofing your basement. To keep your basement bright, look for clear acrylic window well covers.

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