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Is Your New Home Waterproofed?

Many new-buyers with basements often times do not know the answer to this question: How do I know if my house has already been waterproofed? Unlike many people might think, debunking this mystery might be easier than you think.

Start off by walking around in your basement. Are there stains? Peeling paint? Damp or cool areas? Any buds? All these are signs that your basement hasn't been waterproofed and you should get the protection you need as soon as possible.

You can also look around the outside of your house where the foundation touches the lawn. Are there soggy areas? Is there groundwater? Are any door, windows, or air vents that are open and lead down to the basement? Animals and water can create a lot of problems for your home, if you suspect any of this present in your home contact United Waterproofing.

Lastly, if you stroll around your home during or after a type of storm and notice leaks, dampness, or puddling, there is a high chance that you do not have any waterproofing in your home. If this is your case, we are happy to help! Contact us at United Waterproofing today at 877-556-9494.

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