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Why United waterproofing saves you a fortune

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

What does waterproofing do?

Waterproofing is essential to prevent problems caused by water leaks; blistering paint, mold, flooring / tile damage, and the dangerous potential of a short circuit result when leaking onto electric wires.

Waterproofing isn’t only used on roofs, it is also used on building foundations. It slows the rate of the building’s deterioration through keeping the foundation steel safe from rust, corrosion, and decay, therefore increasing the building’s life span.

Why do water leaks happen?

Water leaks come in many forms; be it rain water, water supply pipes, drainage and sewage water, showers, water tanks, plant watering, and more.

How does investing in good waterproofing save me money?

It is easy to take waterproofing for granted and opt out for cheap minimal solutions, thinking what’s the likelihood of a water leak in my building? Well.. if overlooked and not taken seriously, quite likely. All it takes is a few days of continuous exposure to water. So why not do it properly the first time, and save on all the fixing costs?

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