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New Jersey winter exhibits continual thawing and freezing of snow and ice which can contribute to both the formation of foundation cracks and existing cracks growing larger. During the thaw periods, if your water drainage system becomes clogged, all of that water ends up in the soil right next to your house foundation; the most common spot for foundation leaks to occur. Sealing up foundation cracks is one of the most effective preventative measures a homeowner can take to prevent foundation leaks. During the winter, these cracks can still be filled even in subzero temperatures since the frost penetration depth in the ground soil typically won’t exceed 1.2 meters. Furthermore the heat transfer of your house will decrease the frost depth even further, making basement waterproofing in the winter a definite option.

Ensuring that your houses water drainage system is operating efficiently is one of the easiest ways to waterproof your basement throughout the winter months. Extending your downspouts by at least 10 feet away from your house can prevent melting snow running water close to your foundation, eliminating the chances of creating cracks or basement leaks. Also, keeping an eye on your gutters to make sure they’re not clogged is another great preventative measure to avoid too much water building up near your house. Leaves from the fall that never got bagged or debris from winter storms can all end up in your gutters, causing water to build up close to your house leading to foundation cracks and leaking basements.

United Waterproofing specialize in basement waterproofing tend to be much less busier during the winter season, making your repairs and basement waterproofing needs top priority by completing the work far more quickly than you could expect throughout the rest of the year. Avoiding the long wait times during the busy rainy season can help you prevent a basement flood by doing the work in the winter. Since basement waterproofing can be done regardless of season, completing the work in the winter is a great option.

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